Positive Tips #11: Express Yourself

There are over 6 billion people on this Earth and that number is constantly growing as technology advances and as we get more advanced in health procedures and improve our quality of life. If you think about it… 6 billion people and there is no one that is like you. Granted, yes you can have identical twins, you can come from the same family and you can feel like you’re the same as someone else but the truth is you’re not.

Realizing this is mindboggling to me when I think about it. 6 billion is a very large number and not one person shares the same interests, the same goals and the same personality as me. No one grew up in the same childhood that I had, no one learned the exact same values as what my parents taught me. No one had the exact same group of friends all through life.

Ok that’s an easy enough concept right? Let me ask you this then… how many times in your life have you thought of yourself as just another person. Maybe just another number in the crowd. Just another college student trying to get by, just an ordinary person trying to make a living in the real world? It’s easy to fall into that trap and think of yourself as part of the crowd. There are a lot of factors in the world that point you to think that way as well. The media plays a big part and often times spits out a lot of facts and a lot of statistics. Hey you fall in this bucket and this one and this one. Collectively this group thinks this. It can be a numbers game too, you have a social security card number but so does everyone else. You have to grab a number to wait in line with everyone else. Sometimes you feel that hey I should do this major because I think I’ll make the most money or because someone told me I should. Sometimes the easiest way to succeed, is to just fit in and move along with the crowd and follow people’s leads.

I’m here to challenge that. I mentioned earlier that you are one of a kind. No one shares your traits. No one will ultimately completely understand you. Use that to your advantage in life. Express yourself to everyone you meet. Put up your photos and your unique gadgets and stuffed animals on your desk at work (I personally have had a couple of stuffed animals and other gifts). Go out and start your own club for an interest that you have. Hey if you feel passionate about Yoda and feel like advocating his teachings, do that to your heart’s content. The moment you stop questioning things and taking risks is the moment you stop learning.

My point is, you have one chance here in this life to live. You can go through life worrying about how everyone will think of you and how you really should stay on the safe side, go with the crowd and let life go by. However, by doing this you lose the uniqueness that you were born with. Sure we’re all classified with numbers but maybe the way we should look at it through the perspective of, I’ve been assigned a number. No one else has that number, no else can ever be that number.

I am not just a typical Domer. I am not your typical computer/programmer enthusiast. I’m not your typical 23 year old. I’m a guy who loves whiteboards way too much, would use a million computer screens if he could, has a passion for strawberry milkshakes and smoothies, would give up most of his money to charity in a heartbeat if he could, would love to help others in setting up businesses, and perhaps in the future would love to be a motivational speaker if he gets good enough at this stuff. I am unique and I want to stay that way to the world.

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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