Simple Pleasure #1: Obtain a Bestie

Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt

I look down at the cracked cell phone within my reach. Who is it; interrupting my quiet complacency with the world?

I look back at my romance novel, hoping the noise will st…

Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt

Irritated I grab my phone and unlock it with a grimace on my face only to feel a sense of warmth and happiness as I see who it is. A simple text with a deeper meaning: “Hey, just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing.”

A quick reply and I pull out my laptop to type this.

We make so many decisions in life. We make them undoubtedly by ourselves, even when things seem dictated to us.  Who we are and who we surround ourselves with make the difference. Family, friends, lovers, each play a specific role in our lives and drive us toward the path we end up on. The course changes, the people change, but the nature of this truth does not.

God gives us obstacles, trying times. Often we struggle in attempt to reach our destinations, goals if you will. A lost few claim to be without direction, without goals. I am one of them. However, my difference is that I am also blessed with friendship.

My best friend has been my rock. I’ve not had the pleasure of having a family that understands nor supports me. My guidance came in the guise of trial and tribulations. Which brings me to this little bit of wisdom that I wish to bestow on you: live, laugh, love but never forget friendship.

No one is your master but yourself. God gave us free will, to make our own decisions and to deal with their consequences.

Truth is that life isn’t easy. Often more than not, we feel alone. My trick? Find yourself a best friend. One that is true, irreplaceable, loving, caring, understanding; really, the list goes on.

A true friend will never express doubt in you. They will not be untruthful despite fearing your objections, nor will they turn around and say ‘I told you so’. They’ll stand by you when you’ve botched it all up and hold you while you cry. They’ll pick you up and help you keep living. In time, they’ll laugh with you as you think back on it.

God’s gift to the world is friendship.

Sure, not all besties are as perfect as mine. But, think upon this when you meet someone and draw them close; will they stand by you regardless? And will YOU stand by them? What drives your friendship?

We tend to latch onto those that we see regularly; friends we’ve made at school, work, a coffee shop, places that we frequent. But imagine yourself in a different place than now; will they make the effort to be your friend then?

I’m not a shy person; I like to think that I make friends quite easily. However, the friends I make are mostly fillers, people to occupy my time and heart for the time being. I know that things will change, and people will change. Regardless, I know that the friend I made in Mikey will never change. We talk less and less every day. We get caught up with our lives, our careers, and our drama. Despite it all, that blue moon when we get to talk, we both know everything will be okay. Life goes on.

Only God knows where life will take us. But we know how we’ll wind up: getting together once a year, talking about our success, our pain, and our futures. No matter what, that equation will not change.

Friendship should not be parasitic, one person leeching onto another. It should be like the relationship between bees and flowers, mutually advantageous; each entity encouraging the other to grow and prosper. I’ll admit I’m not well-versed in the true relationship between bees and flowers. Bear with me though; it’s a simile at best.

Embark on the journey of this world with someone by your side, a lover and a fighter both. Hold them up as they hold you. Together, you will do what seems impossible. It’s unlikely that you’ll find them tomorrow, and it’s unreasonable to search for them. Learn to laugh and find pleasure in friendships, rather than using it as an outlet. Struggle to live but never forget to love.

It is my experience that leads me to this conclusion. There is a best friend in everyone, but both parties must be willing to fight. There will be ups and downs, but through the good and the bad, they’ll be there.

Find your bestie and hold on tight. You’re stuck with them for life. And lastly, good luck in your journeys. Friendship is never easy.



Nabila currently owns her own crafting business. In addition to making a lot of incredible designs, she enjoys writing different viewpoints and living life to the fullest!

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