Wednesday is New Comic Book Day

blogentry_paulWait what?  Who still read’s printed comics in this digital age???  This guy.  Every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day.  New comics are  on the shelves of  your local comic book store today!

I’ve picked up reading print comic books again after a long hiatus throughout my college years (I never thought about looking for a comic book store in South Bend.  I guess I figured I was geeky enough, that I would be hard to date women in college if I had comic books laying around my dorm room…).  Marvel as a company has majorly impressed me with their ability to take great IPs like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America and all of a sudden turn them into fantastic blockbuster movies.  I had also been reading on the interwebs that my favorite superhero team: the X-Men, would soon be going through a lot of major changes.  Realizing that perhaps watching and reading super hero stories just might be cool again, I returned to my literary hobby and have enjoyed doing so ever since.

Comic books are a form of art.  There are a  lot of talented writers and artists that use comic books as their preferred medium to express themselves.  So it may be true that I first picked up X-Men comic books when I was a boy because I thought the female super heroes like Rogue, Psylocke, and Jean Grey were super hot, but it was the stories that engaged me the most.  I always felt X-Men was a comic book title about diversity – civil/mutant rights – and as a child took some affinity to the topic being one of the only Asian kids in my entire elementary school.  It was cool to be different, but you could also read about all the struggles these characters have to go through in order to find some acceptance or reason to exist in a world that hates and fears them.  It’s been years since the X-Men was introduced to us, but still – a lot of the themes still exist and if you pick up a book today, you can see they are still fighting the good fight.

At the core, comic books are a good hobby.  I don’t see myself becoming the avid collector.  I read them because I enjoy them.  One day a week, I can pick up my comic books and relax and enjoy.  It’s cool to be a geek.  You should try it.  I certainly loved reading growing up because of comic books and great story telling.

It’s been one of my dreams to write my own comic someday.  It’s quite a challenging task, so who knows if I’ll ever get the opportunity – but it’s great to dream big like that.  I’ve always loved art and writing ever since I grew up with Disney and Marvel Comics (so cool that they are one company now!).  It inspires me everyday to think there are people that get to do what they love: writing cool stories and drawing amazing art to tell a story.

Comic books are my weekly source of creative inspiration.  What’s yours?  Do you have a favorite comic book?  When’s the last time you’ve visited a comic book store near you? Comic book geeks are nice people!  Just watch Big Bang Theory!


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