Fly Me To The Moon And Let Me Play Among The Stars

blogentry_paulI had a wonderful dinner last night that reminded me of what living life and hospitality is all about.  Normally one would have a bad “Case of the Mondays”, but I was looking forward to having dinner with my executives.

One of our fine dining restaurants recently started opening up on Monday nights.  Business in Vegas has been a  little slow, so it has been common for fine dining outlets to be closed certain days of the week simply because there was not enough business.  However, this one decided to restart their Monday night dinner service and kick start it by making every Monday jazz night.  So that’s what my executives and I were checking out to see.

We arrived to see a steady crowd rolling in for dinner.  Now I didn’t grow up around fancy fine dining.  I was very grateful that I had made some good decisions in my life that allowed me the opportunity to be able to wine and dine with talented executives.  One of the perks of being in the Food and Beverage industry I guess.  Very shortly after being seated, the celebrity chef (our resort has a celebrity chef associated to every one of our fine dining restaurants) greeted us and chatted for awhile with my executives.  Awesome.

I miss the conversations in life.  When life gets busy, sometimes you fall into a routine or rut. It not until you allow yourself to go out once in awhile and pamper yourself that you realize there’s so much in life to experience.  I got to know my executives better on a personal level and hear their stories of their careers and relationships.  I’m really lucky to have great bosses.  And the fact they kept buying bottles of wine was nice too.  I got to appreciate the conversations you can have with people outside of the typical topics of work and family, etc.  I found out my executives were human – love having fun like anyone else.  They’ve lived in many cities, learned to surf, been through a few marriages, but overall still living the dream.

The jazz pianist and bassist began playing music.  So relaxing.  They were very talented – able to play the hits.  It’s when I heard them play Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon that it hit me.  I was enjoying my life.  Service was excellent, food was excellent, company was excellent, the bill was… well, don’t need to talk about the bill!

Music does that to me.  Songs on the radio or live entertainment.  You hear a song that connects you to a time that made you happy or perhaps lyrics that remind you of times that made you sad or thoughtful.  Either way, the music is tied to our memories on our experiences in life.  At that moment, hearing that song reminded me that I have a life that I can enjoy and live.  The world isn’t so scary sometimes.  We’re not going to fix the world in a day.

So take the time to have a nice experience of your own.  Pamper yourself.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Enjoy it with people.  Work hard, but play hard.  Learn to live, learn to love.  Learn to love life.

Paul Nguyen

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