You Are Who You Chose To Be

blogentry_paulChoices. They are meant be difficult. If you’ve been reading the Lermz, he’s been writing about ways to improve ourselves and make lives better by bringing us closer to who we want to be. Who you are and who you want to be are sometimes very far apart. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to continue writing again. It may not mean as much to people reading as it does for me writing, but eventually.

There was a point in time when it was my choice to pick writing as a medium for my expression. I was never good with talking in person for some odd reason. I guess I was too shy. I remember the invention of instant messaging brought me a closer to people around me. In fact, I remember starting a number of my close relationships with my writing. That was my choice growing up. Reading and writing about my feelings instead of experiencing them. But it’s never too late. I have time.

Choices are meant to be difficult because you know that it can have an impact. Your choice to buy a coffee in the morning or decide to tough it up could make a difference in how you experience your day. Your choice of friends can determine your support system and whether or not you will succeed with certain tasks. What you eat for lunch. How you spend your money. Who you decide to fall in love with. What you do to show that person you love them. If you decide to get married. Have children. Some choices are by nature a lot harder than others. Choices are meant to be difficult.

I have been talking with my local friends lately about whether or not people we know sit at the “big kids” table aka the adult table or whether or not fully grown adult friends of ours are still sitting at the “little kids” table. This was all to make a point that there exists those problems and choices in life that can either be handled in an adult manner or in a childish one. Some common examples of little kid tantrums include not being able to get something they want materialistic like new clothes.

I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. Adults acting like children. True, it’s always good to keep that childish heart around. Not so much the childish mind. I see a lot lately – choices being made that go against what seems to make sense. But you can’t make sense of everything these days. I hate to use the phrase, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if you allow yourself to believe that then it’s probably true.

But it’s not. We have the choice to want to make a difference. I’ve had to make a few, not many, difficult choices. Others have also made choices for me. Are they the right ones? Are they permanent? Are they reversible? I don’t think you can ever undo choices that you make in life. You can only make new ones. It’s up for you to decide. You are who you chose to be. I’m not going to give up on that. I chose to continue to be a better man, because I know someday there is going to be a time when I’m called and needed. I’ve seen this in my career already. I’ve seen it in my friendships. Will I be ready? Will I be the one for somebody? I can only hope that the choices I make for myself will make me a better man. One that can make a difference – to others and to myself.

So every time you talk with your friends about making tough choices – remember that it’s how you make those choices that will define who you are.

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