Business Tip #8: Don’t let fear of failure hold you back

Failure will happen. It happens to the best people. There is a website that shows many famous celebrities who have dropped out of either high school or college and in conventional terms would be considered failures:

Yet all of these individuals did not let that failure get to them. They all had dreams and aspirations and reached for them. You can do the same too if you focus clearly on what you want to do.

In business, what I’ve found is that if you don’t speak up for what you believe in, no one will endorse you or give your thoughts a second opinion. You have to be confident in your ideas. You have to be confident that you have the answer or the spark your team needs. By showing that confidence, you show that you get what the business needs.

With that confidence however comes failure ultimately. There will be a time you make an incorrect decision. You might even get fired. However, you have to take those steps in order to learn from them. Each mistake you make is an opportunity to learn. You can learn what to not do the next time you’re in the same situation. You can learn a better way to approach a problem. You can learn a lot of things from making a mistake.

However, if you don’t even take that step and learn to embrace a potential failure, you will not get those lessons. You won’t get wiser. You won’t have that experience.

I can guarantee you that CEO’s of companies were not perfect in figuring out how to mold their companies. They made mistakes in their team structure. They made mistakes trusting in certain people. They probably made mistakes in what they wanted to accomplish and what the vision of their company initially was. From each mistake they made, they grew more experienced and more ready to take on any challenges that came their way.

Just look at that website I had earlier in this post. They all didn’t let failure hold them back. Look at where they are at now. That can be you if you just make sure to not let fear of failure hold you back.

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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