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blogentry_michaelHello everyone! First of all this is another one of my apologies for not getting the chance to blog as much as I have in the past. It has been a very busy time in life with work, Krista’s appointments, spending some quality time with Tito Jun and Tita Rose and of course taking care of Twix. These activities keep life going and keep it very interesting. I know it’s not quite a good excuse to use for the blog but please rest assured that I will still be pushing to keep the blog alive with inspiring content as much as I can.

That being said, this blog post is being written a bit later than Christmas 2012. Maybe I can cheat a bit and say it’s still technically Christmas in some of the time zones 🙂 This Christmas marked the first time I was not actually back home in Corpus for the holidays. It’s a bit weird since I’ve spent all my years always traveling back home and spending it with my mom and dad. It’s given me the chance to think about how great I had it while growing up.

Some of the greatest memories that I remember include going to midnight mass as a child and getting the chance to open up a present after mass. Back then I didn’t fully understand the significance of Christmas except that you got gifts. The more I grew up though, the more I learned how important this time of the season is. Christmas is about the joy and the birth of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic, it is a great time of rejoicing and it is a reminder of how we are supposed to be joyful every day of our life.

I got the chance this year to go to Christmas Mass at the Basilica at the University of Notre Dame. With the number of years that I’ve lived around this area, I have never gotten the chance to go to this mass because I would always be at home during the holidays. It was a very moving mass. They had carols and readings before mass and it set a great tone for the overall mass. It was funny because Krista and I actually went into the Basilica a little bit after Tito Jun and Tita Rose went in and we ended up sitting in different spots because the church was filling up quickly. It worked out perfectly though because when we were getting up for the Eucharist, none other than Father Doyle was there to give it. He even raised his voice in excitement when we came by which just shows how great of a choice it was and how blessed we are to have him for our wedding in July.

The message this year was a pretty simple one. The Messiah is among us. It was a story about how this simple phrase made everyone more aware of each other and appreciate everything in life because they never knew when they would run into the Messiah. It could be any person in their life and any person they cross paths with. How much better would this world be if this was the case. If we spent every single day appreciating everyone we see. No matter if it’s a family member, a janitor at your school or even a homeless person on the street. Everyone has a purpose, why not bring joy to everyone’s lives. It can be a simple smile. It could be holding the door open for them. It could just be a simple acknowledgment of their existence. No matter what though, we can all do a better job in treating everyone better.

To me, that message is really the spirit of Christmas. It is remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us. It is remembering what we can do to carry out his will every day. It is about spreading joy by giving gifts that may or may not have any monetary attachment to them. It’s about conversations, laughs, warm cheer, singing (in my case offkey) carols and songs, and it’s about praying together.

And with that, we at Motivate2Inspire would like to wish all the readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas. I hope that it was a great one for you guys and I hope that you all get to enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Hopefully you get some rest and relaxation! I’ll be getting in more posts in between the preparations for the wedding, I promise!

The Lermz

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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