The Thank You Project: #183 (Tita Rose and Tito Jun Part II)

ThankYouIcon_183Back when I first started this project (and when I wrote more consistently), I thanked Tita Rose and Tito Jun for all of the support they had given KristaRose and I. I wanted to take this opportunity to give another shout out to the two of them for their unwavering support. Since both of them are retired, they had the chance to come and visit for an extended amount of time in South Bend. During this time, they have been able to really take a lot of burden off of KristaRose’s and my shoulders. This includes helping prepare meals, taking Twix out, helping us organize and clean the apartments and helping nail down deals for the wedding. It has been a tremendous amount of help and I think I can speak for KristaRose as well that we really appreciate what they have done.

I think what the trip has also done is help them realize more about how things have been going with KristaRose. It’s very concerning for all of us and being across country must be very hard for both Tita Rose and Tito Jun to deal with as their daughter is so far away and there wasn’t much they can do. This trip has allowed them to see how KristaRose is doing and what they can do to better help her out. They continue to give us as much support as possible by going to doctor’s visits and spending hours on calls to figure out where prescriptions that weren’t filled have gone.

So today’s post is honoring them for their continual love and support. Without them things would be that much harder than they already are. I am lucky to be inheriting a great set of caring and loving parents!

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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