The Thank You Project: #189 (Great and Caring Dentists)

ThankYouIcon_189Growing up I didn’t got to the dentist very often. It was a combination of not having a lot of dental insurance, being a bit scared of going, and my parents never really pushing for me to go. For about 8 years I never saw the dentist which I know a lot of you will think is a long time. Well, it truly is. I was lucky only to have some things wrong, the worst right now being having my wisdom teeth out, a few fillings and a root canal that I have coming up. One of the great things I’ve encountered now that I have dental insurance is the dentist office that I go to at Bittersweet Dentistry. Not only are Dr. Lopez and Dr. Schafer caring dentists, their whole office seems to be caring and very kind to their patients. For this reason, I’m taking today to give thanks to all the great and caring dentists out there.

I for one hate the sounds at a dentist office. All of the drills whizzing and the suction noises can be a bit intimidating to someone who doesn’t consistently go into a dentist office. The folks at Bittersweet Dentistry are experts in putting you at ease. They talk to you through the process and try their best to calm you down during a procedure. They are always very courteous and listen to what your problems are before going in and doing their usual examination. I have seen that both Dr. Lopez and Dr. Schafer take the time to get to know you outside of the dental procedure. They actually ask about who you are and hold a conversation. In a world where people are rushing to get more patients and get more money, it is refreshing that there are people out there that still do this.

I also went to get my wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Anderson a few months ago. The procedure went smoothly but what I really saw was the attention to detail that team had. The first indication was when I went for the consultation. Dr. Anderson showed me a video all about wisdom teeth and then gave me a sheet that explained all the dangers in a lot of detail. After the procedure he even followed up with a phone call seeing how I was feeling after the operation. Little things like these really make a difference and make you feel comfortable to keep going back to them.

I am really glad there are great and caring dentists and dentist offices like this. Too many times I think many people are fearful of these offices potentially gouging them for more operations than they need. However, there are still offices that exist that will explain and show you evidence of things that are going on. This is very refreshing indeed!

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Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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