The Thank You Project: #190 (Chase Bank)

ThankYouIcon_190When you think about the amount of money that you have do you think about where exactly it is stored? I think I forget on a daily basis that most of my money is hypothetically locked up in a vault at Chase Bank (well that’s kind of a lie, I know it’s being loaned out on a daily basis, that is how banks work really). Isn’t it a nice thought that you can keep your money in a safe location, be able to access it at different locations around town and sometimes even collect interest for the bank keeping it? For this reason, I’m giving thanks to Chase Bank who currently receives all of my money every couple of weeks.

I think the importance of knowing that your money is safe can’t be overstated. I can’t even imagine keeping dollar bills in my own apartment and trying to hide it from other people. It’s funny because I can picture hiding some in my mattress which I’m sure is what some people did back in the day. However, we are assured that our money will be there in the bank no matter if it defaults because of the FDIC and how much they insure. How blessed are we that we can go to different stores and get cash very easily from an ATM or making a debit purchase?

For Chase Bank specifically, every interaction I’ve had with the South Bend branch has been a good one. They have always been helpful and especially when KristaRose and I had set up our own accounts with them, they were always following up and making sure we had everything that we needed. Chase bank is the first bank to not charge some ridiculous fees. I don’t think I have once overdrafted with Chase whereas with other banking companies and the way they do their transactions, I made some fatal errors early on.

So today if you find yourself looking for cash and using an ATM, think about how safe your money and how easy it is to get that money back. It really is a blessing that we have the option to do this, it makes life a lot easier.

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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