You make me smile

blogentry_kristaroseListen to “You make me smile” by Uncle Kracker ( which will make this post, and more importantly, your day, so much better. It’s just a great song about people in love…or even best friends and family.

I know that Michael has written a time or two about Twix, but he really does light up our lives. Whenever I am sick he runs to me and curls up with me and his warmth helps make me feel better. I think animals are a lot more keen to our feelings than we humans may even be. If you have a pet, make sure they know that you are grateful for them and that you love them. Like this Mama Panda and her cub –

Even more than your animals, though, don’t forget to love those who love you. I may sometimes drive my parents wild, and not in the good way, but I hope they also know that I wouldn’t be where and who I am today without them. Their love, devotion, and caring for us children and their great faith helped to raise the three of us to be the wonderful, charismatic people we are today. Don’t forget to let others know how you feel.

Need some inspiration? Google: “You make me smile,” and click “images.” These will be a guarantee to make you smile and that person smile. So on this day, Good Friday, don’t only thank Jesus for paying the ultimate sacrifice for us, but thank God for all the wonderful people He put in our lives to let His light shine through them. Thank you, Jesus, for making me smile.

You Make Me Smile


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