“Don’t let yourself get in the way of you”

blogentry_kristaroseI had a massage the other day from a remarkable therapist. As I always say, “Everything happens for a reason” because God is in charge, not me. I truly believe God brought me to this therapist. I’ve been living across from this salon for over a year and randomly called over to see if they gave massages. They said yes and were charging me about a third of what my wonderful day spa charges me, so of course I signed up.

I went into the salon and out comes this smaller man and he asks if I’m ready…he looks nervous and awkward and I’m thinking that I am having second thoughts…this isn’t a day spa, it’s a hair salon, there isn’t any calming music, or tea, or water or anything…and then we get into the room and there is harsh lighting and they therapist is very laissez-faire attitude.

I have to say, it was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had. This man was trained to be a medical masseuse and helped a paraplegic to move his hands, helped a woman to walk again, helped so many people. He was originally a mechanic and moved from man’s machine to God’s machine. ┬áHe is amazing and he feels that God has called him to be where he is at. He’s changed so many lives and he said the most profound thing to me, “Don’t let yourself get in the way of you.”

What a profound thought. He had a dog and he and his wife wanted the dog to be a therapist dog but they ┬áthen said that they didn’t know what the dog wanted…the dog did not want to be a therapist dog but was a very loving and loyal dog for them.

So I leave it to you, let God be the planner…don’t get in your own way.

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