LCBD: Love one another

blogentry_kristarose“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I, for one, am always humbled by this bible story, but I try so hard to not judge people. Why is it in our nature to judge and condemn before even meeting someone.

We may never meet someone and give them a condemning look that breaks their spirit.

As mikeypeq22 and I went out to enjoy a meal out for our two month anniversary, the four tables at the window all turned and gave us judging looks, as I have a disabled placard but don’t always use my wheelchair or cane.

Instead of spending a nice meal with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, I slunk into the back corner trying to get the attention off of us.

Yes, we should not get lost in self pity, but I also think we need to be aware of how we treat others around us, even if we don’t interact directly with each other.

Normally, I am the one to let is slide and Mike gets protective, but this time it really hit me hard, how powerful a nasty stare can be. Remember, we should look kindly on each other because we are all God’s children.

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