We’re Back

blogentry_kristaroseOn behalf of Motivate2Inspire and LCBD, I apologize that we have not posted anything in a while. Throughout my future posts for the upcoming weeks (or at this rate, upcoming decade), I hope that there will be a growing awareness to our big gaps and absence in the past year.

Michael and I have certainly been on a more adventurous roller coaster ride throughout our lives and we look forward to tackling the ups and downs of the coasters, the twists and turns, and even the loop de loops together. We invite you along our journey, as well as the journeys and lessons contained in the stories we share.

We at M2I/LCBD thank you for blessing all of you with our journey and hope that you are blessed and moved by our stories. To even make a small impact on one person, we believe it is worth it. Thank you, our beloved readers.

KristaRose aka Krazy Kree

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