Simplify and Pray to Say Hooray!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I posted on my blog. It’s kind of a surprise and kind of not that I haven’t had the heart to really sit down and write anything. I want to say that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance. If I think about it so many things have happened since July 2014.

  • I ended up getting a promotion at Nielsen to a Program Manager. That in itself brought new challenges and new time constraints to my already busy schedule
  • We’ve taken a couple of trips to California. Each trip provided us with some new life that only family can provide.
  • We started our own ebay business and it’s actually pretty successful. Sure we’ve made some initial investments but for the past four or so months our selling limits have increased.
  • We also started our own craft business. It didn’t take off quite as well as we thought it would but we eventually plan to merge this with our eBay business. It’s all in our master plan 🙂
  • I found out just how sleep deprived you can get.
  • We got to meet our new nephew, Aiden last month. Such a great nephew and very talkative and interactive. We definitely will look forward to seeing him more.
  • We got to see one of my good friends, Andrew Keller get married. Both him and Lauren looked like the happiest people on Earth and that’s how your wedding should be.
  • We hit financial bumps in the road and discovered medical bills aren’t cheap. Yes, technically we knew this beforehand but it became more prominent as Krista’s health continued to decline.
  • We got a chance to go to a world class hospital to get some much needed answers to Krista’s health conditions. The flip side of medical bills not being cheap is that if you have good insurance, once you hit that out of pocket maximum, it becomes significantly easier… if you kind of forget about how much it took to get you there 🙂
  • We decided we’re moving to California… for good.

So as you can see, there was quite a bit going on there. I kind of jumped from point to point but that’s kind of how the year seemed to me. So many things happening at different points of the year kind of threw us in a loop and oftentimes we didn’t know how to best handle it except to pray and hope God would guide us through. You know what? We’re still here and God continues to not throw us anything we can’t handle.

I really didn’t get a chance to slow down. Handling a full time job, helping with a growing business, taking care of KristaRose and Twix, all of that can be a handful. It makes my head just jump from item to item, hopelessly trying to check off the items in my ever growing list. If I were to really sit down and think about everything I want to accomplish and everything that I need to accomplish, well let’s just say it may take awhile to do..

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the past year is to get through everything, you need to simplify your life. Even as I write this I have to chuckle to myself because it really is great advice that I’m writing down but I am not perfect in executing it. My main point is this though: Simplify and Pray to Say Hooray! It may sound funny but it actually is a good way to approach things.

Simplify where you can.

When you have an overwhelming amount of things to do, the only way you can get through it is to really take a look at what is important and try to simplify things as best as possible. You can definitely take out certain items on your checklist and prioritize better in order to make sure you accomplish what is really important to you. For example, take your own life and think about what’s important. Is it family? Is it friends? Is it being able to pursue your dreams? Is it a simple walk with your dog everyday? Is it building towards a goal like running a marathon? Is it work? These are all important things but every single person has a different priority they would give to each of these items. Determine what is important to you and try to eliminate some other things in order to give priority to the most important things that matter to you. I’m not saying to completely drop other items, just make sure you are happy with how your life is balanced and make sure the most important things are not being neglected.

Pray often and in your way.

I’ve often heard from so many people that you need to pray often. I think fundamentally the statement is right but in my opinion, you really need to have a conversation with God and to do this, you have to pray in your own way. For me personally, there is a certain calmness that comes over me when I sit down and have a conversation with God. It’s not just about saying certain prayers, it’s about really taking some time during the day to connect with Him and tell Him your worries, your fears and what is on your mind. I find it refreshing whenever I do get chances during the day to just sit in silence and just reflect and have a chance to lay it all down for Him. This is the way I pray and I find that it helps so much. You may need to have a different method. Maybe you will find some specific prayers that really help you connect with God. Maybe going to Mass on a daily basis will give you that special time with Him. Whatever you end up doing, consider giving up some time for God each day to try to center yourself and ensure that you are living life in the image of Christ.

Say Hooray!

Sometimes with so much going on, it’s hard to celebrate the wins in life. You get up when your alarm goes off. Sometimes it takes multiple tries and snoozes. You get dressed, you eat breakfast and then you go to work. You work hard all day. You come home, tired and exhausted and just want to relax. The next thing you know, it’s already time for bed.

For some lucky people, this doesn’t happen and their whole day is awesome. For others, you might start seeing this as your routine. You have to watch for this and make sure that you celebrate the wins in life and say “Hooray!” once in awhile. You don’t literally have to say it but what I mean is you need to add some good conversations or good memories. Have a dinner with your neighbors. Go play with your kids outside and teach them how to ride a bicycle. Talk with your kids about their days at school. Be like my dad and tell your son, your wife and your siblings that you’re proud of them.

Life isn’t just about surviving, paying the bills and worrying about the future. It’s about celebrating with your family, your friends, with God. It’s about creating memories, not only joyful ones but sad ones as well (Yes, I am thinking of the movie Inside Out right now). If you are able to simplify and pray, you should be able to say hooray every single day of your life.

That’s where my life is right now. It’s the constant struggle of trying to figure out what to do next, what needs to be checked off on the list of things to do, etc, etc, etc. But as my wife’s smile always reminds me, none of that really matters in the long run. Work to simplify life to make sure you enjoy it. Pray often so that you remain humble and hopeful for the future. Say hooray so that you can pass on your joy to others. That’s what life is really all about. Memories, smiles, challenges, family, friends, God. Not chores to check off of your list.

Warm Regards,
Michael Lerma

P.S. – Just to let everyone know, I am working to simplify the blog a little bit as well. Both KristaRose and I are so full of ideas but I think I started to get away from the purpose of the blog in the first place which was to reflect and to motivate and inspire others.  While some of these ideas were great, the most impact comes from writing about experiences. This is the focus going forward and we hope that you will be along for the journey!

The Lermz

Michael Lerma graduated the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with an Information Technology Management degree. He is currently a senior Project Manager with the Nielsen Company.

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