Positive Tips #18: Let people go on the roadways

Living in Chicago, I became quite an aggressive driver. You sort of have to become that to an extent just to get where you need to be. However, I’ve discovered that you really should be a lot nicer on the roadways because when it comes down to it, we’re all just trying to get someplace. There wouldn’t be any other reason why we would sit in traffic would there be?

Imagine a world where everyone was nice enough to let people in their lane. Imagine if when you signaled, you could actually get in that lane without forcing yourself into the lane. Imagine driving without worrying about people cutting you off.

The way I think about it is this.. If people cut me off, they must need to get to their destination in a hurry. That’s ok, they can go for it, it doesn’t affect my behavior on the road or change how I should drive.

So the next time you find yourself on the road, try making sure you let people go on the roadways. I’m sure they would appreciate it and honestly, it will reduce the amount of stress and yelling you would do. Keeping positive will get you to your location safe and sound!

Positive Tips #17: Hold the door open for someone

Simple gestures are sometimes the things that make the difference in a day. One of the simplest gestures I can think of is holding the door open for someone. Not only does it help the other person, it’s also a show of goodwill that can be contagious with other individuals.

How often do you make an effort to open doors for people? Are they usually appreciative of the act? Chances are that most people are very grateful for the simple act and it brightens their day. Especially for times when people are carrying a lot of items in their hands or have little children, the act really helps them out.

So going forward, consider always trying to make an effort to hold the door for someone. It will never be viewed negatively and may bring a smile to someone’s face!

Positive Tips #16: Give a gift randomly and for no reason at all

People like getting gifts. No matter if it’s a piece of candy or a new xbox 360. We love to feel appreciated and we love to get new things. If you think about it though, how many days out of the year do you actually give something to another person? Is it far back in the past? Maybe you should change that!

It’s easy to give a small thing to a person. It could even be as easy as giving a compliment or a thank you or a job well done. How much better would our world be if we all were grateful and gave gifts every single day?

Try to make the gifts come out for no reason at all. Those gifts can actually make more of a difference as they are unexpected. You can even give the gift anonymously because truth be told, people don’t necessarily need to know it was you that gave the gift do they?

So try doing this a few times a week at least. It’s easy to give a gift randomly and for no reason at all. The person will be very appreciative and it will brighten their day!

Positive Tips #15: Admit when you are wrong

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you are wrong. There are many situations where you know that you are right and want to go to the ends of the earth just to prove you are right. However, how many times have you engaged in one of these situations and found out you were wrong? Wouldn’t things have been a lot easier if you admitted you were wrong sooner in the process?

I’ve found out that although saying you are wrong stings a bit, it gives you a bit of liberation of sorts. What I mean is that it makes you feel a bit better and allows you to continue to have a better relationship with the person you were arguing with.

I’ve had to struggle with this piece of advice but I have seen that I’ve made considerable changes to the way I engage most arguments. I now admit I’m wrong quicker or try to get a compromising point sooner. Besides, there’s more to life than arguing right?

So the next time you are arguing with someone, think hard about whether you are right or not. If you’re not, don’t drag it out, go ahead and admit you are wrong. Not only will you feel better but the other person will also respect you more.

Positive Tips #14: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes you go through a day and everything seems to be going well and then all of the sudden you get hit with something that completely derails your day. Perhaps someone had negative feedback for you during a meeting. Maybe you dropped some of your food on the floor. Maybe your boss gives you a little too much feedback. All of these things have the potential of making a good day, a bad one.

When you take a look at these things, first think to yourself, are these things really a big thing that should affect me? I mean sure, no one wants to get negative feedback or get criticized but is it enough to ruin your day? Perhaps the best approach to this situation is to look at it as an opportunity to better yourself and to learn from the experience. If you can show the world that you can battle back from small stuff happening, you will look more professional and people will respect you more. It’s all about taking the learnings you can get from every experience, reflecting upon it, and applying it to future situations.

Guaranteed if you look past smaller issues, you will achieve a more positive attitude and really inspire others around you as you remain unrattled through even the toughest of situations.

-The Lermz

Positive Tips #13: Take a leisurely drive

There’s something about taking a spontaneous drive by yourself or with friends that produces positive vibes for you. I can’t exactly say what it is, but every single time that I get a calling in the back of my head to go for a drive and I actually go for a drive, I feel 500% better.

Maybe it’s the feeling that you’re letting some of your worries go. Maybe going to a new part of town is exciting and you can discover them easily by driving. Maybe it’s the change of scenery that really brightens up your day. There could be numerous reasons why taking a drive feels so good. I would encourage others to do the same.

Forget about going to areas with a lot of traffic and where you’ll end up getting road rage. Choose some quiet back roads where there won’t be that many cars. Pump up the tunes in the car (go ahead go crazy and listen to Britney Spears, sometimes I do :P). Let your problems and worries fall away for a 20 minute span of time. All you have to focus on is the road ahead of you and getting your groove on in the car. Guaranteed you will feel tremendously better after the drive.

-The Lermz

Positive Tips #12: Write a Good Old Fashioned Letter

Emails. I see tons and tons of emails every single day in my personal inbox and in my work inbox. Emails are a great thing, a great step in humanity. It lets us stay connected with each other very easily. It’s so fast to just type something out, add perhaps a picture or a link and send the electronic pulse on its merry way to your inbox. What’s nice about this too is in addition to not taking days to receive, it costs only the electricity needed to send it off.

While it’s great to get emails from other friends, I rarely get emails that matter. Even with the fast delivery, I usually think of emails as alerts or messages from work saying you need to do something. What happened to our society? What happened to the good old fashioned letter?

I rarely get letters nowadays. I think the last letter I got was from Nabila and it was on my birthday as part of a package. Now I don’t know about you but I jump for joy when I get a letter. It really means a lot more nowadays to get something that is handwritten and obviously took some time to put together. Getting a letter gives a sense of legitimacy in the purpose of the letter. The handwriting gives a personal touch in a day in age where personal touches are defined by emoticons and squiggly lines next to your name. Getting a letter quite simply gives you the feeling that someone cares about you.

So here’s my challenge to you. Put down your cell phones and stop texting. Stop the emailing. Stop IMing. Grab a piece of paper and pick up something that’s called a pencil or perhaps if you’re fancy, pick up a pen. Write to your lover. Write to your family. Write to your friends. Tis the season to write to Santa (you better mail that letter off quickly though…). My point is, write a letter today to someone. Guaranteed, they will have a smile on their face.

-The Lermz

Positive Tips #11: Express Yourself

There are over 6 billion people on this Earth and that number is constantly growing as technology advances and as we get more advanced in health procedures and improve our quality of life. If you think about it… 6 billion people and there is no one that is like you. Granted, yes you can have identical twins, you can come from the same family and you can feel like you’re the same as someone else but the truth is you’re not.

Realizing this is mindboggling to me when I think about it. 6 billion is a very large number and not one person shares the same interests, the same goals and the same personality as me. No one grew up in the same childhood that I had, no one learned the exact same values as what my parents taught me. No one had the exact same group of friends all through life.

Ok that’s an easy enough concept right? Let me ask you this then… how many times in your life have you thought of yourself as just another person. Maybe just another number in the crowd. Just another college student trying to get by, just an ordinary person trying to make a living in the real world? It’s easy to fall into that trap and think of yourself as part of the crowd. There are a lot of factors in the world that point you to think that way as well. The media plays a big part and often times spits out a lot of facts and a lot of statistics. Hey you fall in this bucket and this one and this one. Collectively this group thinks this. It can be a numbers game too, you have a social security card number but so does everyone else. You have to grab a number to wait in line with everyone else. Sometimes you feel that hey I should do this major because I think I’ll make the most money or because someone told me I should. Sometimes the easiest way to succeed, is to just fit in and move along with the crowd and follow people’s leads.

I’m here to challenge that. I mentioned earlier that you are one of a kind. No one shares your traits. No one will ultimately completely understand you. Use that to your advantage in life. Express yourself to everyone you meet. Put up your photos and your unique gadgets and stuffed animals on your desk at work (I personally have had a couple of stuffed animals and other gifts). Go out and start your own club for an interest that you have. Hey if you feel passionate about Yoda and feel like advocating his teachings, do that to your heart’s content. The moment you stop questioning things and taking risks is the moment you stop learning.

My point is, you have one chance here in this life to live. You can go through life worrying about how everyone will think of you and how you really should stay on the safe side, go with the crowd and let life go by. However, by doing this you lose the uniqueness that you were born with. Sure we’re all classified with numbers but maybe the way we should look at it through the perspective of, I’ve been assigned a number. No one else has that number, no else can ever be that number.

I am not just a typical Domer. I am not your typical computer/programmer enthusiast. I’m not your typical 23 year old. I’m a guy who loves whiteboards way too much, would use a million computer screens if he could, has a passion for strawberry milkshakes and smoothies, would give up most of his money to charity in a heartbeat if he could, would love to help others in setting up businesses, and perhaps in the future would love to be a motivational speaker if he gets good enough at this stuff. I am unique and I want to stay that way to the world.

Positive Tips #10: Don’t Feel Entitled. Take Action Instead

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”
– Mark Twain

How many times have you gone through your life and thought that you really deserved something? I competed so hard and worked so hard, I deserved that prize? I’ve hit a rough patch of life, the world should balance out and give me something in return. I went to college and paid a lot for my tuition, I deserve a high-paying job.

Look at each of those items and maybe some of the things in your life and ask yourself why do you exactly deserve those items? With each of these items, does thinking about it harbor feelings of positivity or happiness? I would think not, you probably would have feelings of anger, disappointment, and resentment.

Getting rid of the feeling that we’re entitled to certain things may be one of the hardest things to do. I know that in my life, I have plenty of things that I still cling onto and I still think, hey I need someone to throw me a bone here. But the truth is, what is the real purpose of holding onto these things and expecting something to just happen because we’re entitled to it? How many hours, days, weeks could potentially go by that we continually get more and more disappointed?

What if we could turn around our thoughts and say, hey I’m in a tough spot right now but you know what, I’m going to use that as motivation to get myself out of it. What if instead of demanding and expecting something, we go out and grab it ourselves. What if we could have more positive feelings can be obtained and we can leave behind the negative feelings?

One of the biggest things I’ll point out here is our negativity towards our government and how things are going. I understand that everyone is frustrated because the economy is not in the best shape. Unemployment is at a very high percentage. There are a number issues from foreign policy to the environment that have people on edge and angry because of unfulfilled promises. How many times have you gone into the comments of an article and just see people shooting off that it’s all the democrats fault? Or how about the Republicans? Maybe it was Bush, maybe Obama. It’s has just kind of been sad to see so many people upset and pointing fingers. My first question though to everyone is, did you go out and vote? More than half of this country doesn’t even vote when it comes to elections. If you didn’t vote, sorry don’t feel entitled, you didn’t even stand up to make a decision on who is going to run the country. Have you gone and been an advocate for your causes? Why not stand up, voice your cause, be an advocate and make a difference? How is responding in blogs and articles behind a computer screen going to turn the world positive?

I took a big step in my own life with this blog and with the actions I take in life. I decided that I was tired of expecting certain things out of my job, out of my life, out of my friends. Instead, I decided you know what, if I want it to happen, I need to make it happen. I need to step up and take the action and if it ends up not working, well maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But, there’s no excuse to blame the world for everything. Instead thank the world for the lessons its taught and make yourself better.

Life is all about forging YOUR own path and making things happen. It’s about going after your big dreams and it’s about discovering and pursuing your passions. Why feel like your entitled to something? It’s faster to stop complaining about it and make a difference instead.

– The Lermz