Never Underestimate the Power of a Hug

There’s nothing quite like getting a hug from a friend or a family member. In just the simple act of embracing a person, you can communicate love and compassion. It has the potential to put a smile on your face and cast away your sadness. It can be random and surprising. It can be calming and needed.

How many times have you just had a bad day and thought to yourself, I really just need someone. I really just need a hug.

The video below shows a campaign for Free Hugs. I know it’s a fairly old video but it shows what this world really needs. It shows that even complete strangers can crack a smile and that a hug will brighten a person’s day. I’m not saying you should necessarily go out and hug random strangers, but if at all possible, show someone you care and give them a big hug. It’ll make a difference.


-The Lermz

The All Important First Post!

Hello everyone!

So this counts as our first post on our blog! I’m really excited to launch this new blog. I’ve had this idea to create a blog that shows the positive things in life. The content you’ll find on this blog will range from things from real life experiences to interesting things we find browsing the internet to ways to just be more awesome in life. We hope that the content here will help you in your own life and bring a smile to your face.

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Have a great day guys!
-The Lermz