The Thank You Project: #195 (Facebook)

As much as I don’t like Facebook since it constantly changes (it’s one of the things that sometimes makes me feel old especially when I can’t find something because they moved the location), it is useful for a lot of different reasons. The biggest one that I want to give thanks for today is connecting with family. Facebook has the ability to connect people across the globe. All you have to do is find each other and you will be able to chat and leave messages for each other easily. You can put whatever level of your life on Facebook and show how you’ve grown up as well. Photo albums for example are very good at showing your memories and Facebook makes it easier to share.

I was able to reconnect with multiple members of my family. First it was some of my family on my adopted father’s side. Facebook allowed me to connect with enough of them that I was able to invite and have them present on my wedding day. That was a true blessing and it’s all due to Facebook.

Recently, some of my biological siblings have found me on Facebook. I couldn’t be more excited since I have not known them for most of my life and I just want to see how they are doing in life and I’d like to share my life with them as well.

It’s hard to fathom that when I was a child, Facebook didn’t exist and it was much harder to connect with others. It is so easy now and even babies have Facebook profiles. So for today’s thank you, I just want to give thanks for the connections that Facebook can provide.

Birthday Thoughts

First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for again not blogging as much as I used to. It’s been a really busy time as I just moved from Chicago to Mishwaka, IN. Krista got a job as a house manager at the Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame and it has been an exciting time adjusting and actually being in the same city as her.

For those that didn’t know, my birthday was pretty recent (9/28). It’s tradition to get lots of greetings in different forms of media. Nowadays it seems that Facebook is the main medium to keep up to date on everyone’s bday. It’s pretty easy to go in and see oh yea, my friend’s bday is today. It’s always nice to get a message on facebook but it seems so inappropriate nowadays to keep up that way. I say that because I think we’ve lost a bit in the way of communicating through conversation. Many times, messages on facebook consist of either sharing a link, saying a short phrase or liking a comment. What happened to standard communication? Phone calls? Face to face greetings?

This blog entry isn’t meant to be a complaint about my birthday. I’m truly blessed to have many people contact me through facebook but I think that the most meaningful messages to me were ones delivered through the phone or through personalized ways. For example, my mom called me and wished me a happy birthday right when she got off of work. She had also sent me the one and only card I got in the mail this year and it made me appreciate the gesture even more. Krista’s dad (Tito Jun) called me and actually sang a song to me for my birthday. Both her dad and her mom treated me to a dinner meal and it was very appreciated. Krista’s mom (Tita Rose) sent me a personalized text message and facebook message to greet me. Krista of course was able to do a lot more since she’s in the same location as me. She already bought me a big gift earlier in the month when both of us were moving to our apartments but she also got me a Snoopy Build a Bear (He even flops his ears and sings!) and wished me Happy Birthday a million times. Nabila used all sorts of media to wish me a happy bday. Josh even called me as well.

One of the most interesting things I received though was an email from a former intern that I knew. He had wished me a happy birthday but also went on to talk to me about how he still remembers conversations we had from previous events. To get something like that is very cool and makes me feel that at least some of what I say makes an impact in some manner or form.

These things are what really made my day. They made me realize I still have a lot of people that cared for me. So I do want to say thank you to everyone who greeted me no matter the form. I especially appreciate everyone that made that second effort too. It is definitely not unnoticed and will keep my motivation up for my 24th year of living 🙂

-The Lermz