Love from a Man’s Best Friend

For one reason or another I was checking my Facebook today and I happened to click a link that told a story about a Veterinarian who was wrestling with the decision of whether or not to put down his own dog. His dog was already 15 years old and it was discovered that he had some small internal bleeding that would escalate into a larger issue. At that point there was nothing he really could do for his dog except try to give it some good days before it was his time to go. In the end, he decided to put his dog to sleep in order for him to not feel the pain that was coming.

It was a sad story and the thing is that this happens all the time. It’s one of the worst things about being a pet owner. The realization that one day you might have to make a tough decision like that and potentially will have to see your best friend put to sleep. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do in that situation. Twix is like a son to us. I know it might sound weird if you haven’t been a pet owner but I think if you have owned any kind of pet whether it was a dog, cat, fish, etc, you get this emotional attachment. Your pet is dependent on you, much like a child would be. In my honest opinion, a pet has the potential to be the most loyal thing in your life.

Twix, for example, is always very happy to see us when we come back home from the store or from shopping. He would always come up to the door with a smile on his face and his tail wagging in all sorts of directions. (Maybe I should take that back, with older age he sometimes can be lazy and just wait for us to get to the bedroom before greeting us). He is dependent on us giving him food, water, and love. He seems to know when we’re having bad days and will cuddle with us when that happens. He can be a troublemaker but you just know that he loves you with all his heart.

It makes me sad to think sometimes that I yelled at Twix. For the times that he’s gotten into the trash or barked like a crazy dog at other pets. There were plenty of times but you know thinking about it.. it’s probably not fair to Twix. You have to be able to shrug things off sometimes. You just have to because you never know when that day will come that your friend isn’t by your side.

It might be bold of me to say this but maybe we all need to be more like dogs. Maybe we need to have that unwavering loyalty. Maybe we need to be happy every day and be grateful to see another day. Maybe we need to know when to comfort someone and be there to do that.

Maybe we need to love like a dog.

I think that’s what we need in our everyday life. More love. More smiles. More loyalty. That’s what makes this life worth living. That’s how God meant us to live our lives.

There’s nothing like your pet’s love

blogentry_michaelI have a dog that’s a Rotty/Beagle mix (some would debate that and go with other variations). His name is Twix and Krista and I rescued him from an owner that didn’t really take good care of him. He’s about to turn two years old and he’s been an absolute joy to have around.


There are a lot of times that I can get annoyed with Twix because he goes and chews up the couches or chairs or even pairs of boxers. He once ate on of my dress shoes which didn’t make me all that happy.

However, there’s nothing like your pet’s love and affection that he/she displays for you. Twix is one of the friendliest and loyal dogs. He’ll come and check on you if there’s something wrong. He’ll jump in the back of a postman’s truck. He’ll jump on any stranger actually and greet you even though he’s not supposed to.

Today was the first time I had seen him in a couple of weeks and he was completely overjoyed to see me. He literally jumped on me and started licking my face and was very, very excited. I usually keep him at a person’s farm when I’m away for extended periods of time. On the farm there are about 10 other dogs and they have plenty of area to just roam around and have adventures. Each time I come back and get him though, Twix always gets excited to see me. It’s this simple love that just puts a smile on my face. The fact that he gets so excited to see his dad come back, it really can’t do anything but give you a smile.

If you have a pet, I think you can definitely relate to these experiences. Take some time this week to give your pet some extra love. Take them on an extra long walk. Give your dog a great belly rub. Give your cats some catnip. Your pets will always be loyal to you and give you unconditional love. Cherish it and return the favor!

~The Lermz